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New Treks Are Here!

Whoa! Trek's newest bicycles are incredible! They're lighter, more high tech, better riding and nicer looking than ever. Come check out our wide selection in person soon!

Bike Zone's Tip of the Day!

Baby Your Bike - It's best to store your bike(s) inside. It takes a while, but even if it's under an overhang, if it's stored outside, dampness in the air will rust the steel parts, ozone will attack the tires and sunshine will fade the paint. Near the ocean, salt in the air will corrode things extremely quickly. An easy way to store a bicycle indoors is to purchase bike hooks from us. These question-mark-shaped hooks screw into a wall stud or ceiling joist and hold the bike by a wheel. Or, install two hooks, one for each wheel and hang the bike horizontally (upside-down). A higher-tech solution is a display stand. If you've got a beautiful bike (aren't they all?), one of these racks holds the machine proudly (usually the stand supports two bikes, one low and one high) showing off your prize possession(s) for all to see.

Cycling Glossary - Word of the Day


An off-road bicycle with 29-inch wheels.

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